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How DRWF Works

Our aims and objectives

We aim to support people with diabetes, through the provision of information and guidance, while the researchers we fund continue to work towards finding a cure.

We undertake national awareness campaigns to ensure the public are aware of all types of diabetes, risk factors, symptoms and potential complications.

We provide resources to diabetes and related healthcare professionals in support of their patients through the provision of educational events and advisory literature.

We seek to achieve these goals by:

  • The funding of scientific and clinical research studies
  • The promotion of screening, wellness and other health related programmes
  • The operation of a membership Diabetes Wellness Network encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the provision of professional advice
  • The organisation of events focused on the provision of practical advice and information
  • The dissemination of information on diabetes for the purpose of informing the general public on the symptoms, causes and effects of diabetes
  • The provision of advisory literature to diabetes clinics for distribution to patients
  • The establishment of community out-reach programmes

Contacting the public

We raise awareness and money to support our work in a number of ways. We work within the requirements of the Data Protection Act and PECR regulations and take steps to ensure we do not contact members of the public registered with the Mailing Preference or Telephone Preference Service or those who have specifically asked us not to contact them. Our full privacy and processing statement can be read here.

By post

Our annual, national direct mail programme is aimed at improving awareness of diabetes and public understanding, as well as generating funds to support all of our charitable objectives. This programme includes a biennial sweepstake competition.

DRWF works with a response handling company called DDC Outsourcing Solutions based in Worksop. DDC works with a number of leading charities in the UK to provide effective administrative services such as receiving campaign responses, thanking, banking and payment processing. DDC holds ISO 9001 accreditation in data management/information security demonstrating compliance with required Data Protection, PECR and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

By telephone

From time to time we may contact existing supporters by telephone. This may be done by an in-house team or by using a specialist agency. If the latter option is employed, the agency will always identify itself as 'working on behalf of DRWF'. We do not call supporters that are not in an existing relationship with us nor do we call supporters who have specifically asked us not to do so.


Questions or concerns about any of our communications or activities should be directed to our head office at:

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
Building 6000
Langstone Technology Park
Tel: 023 9263 7808

You can download our Complaints Procedure policy here


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