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Diabetes Research Donations And Volunteering

Your generosity can help our dreams become a reality

Our ultimate dream is to find a cure for all types of diabetes. This is a long road and until that time we provide the continuing support necessary to help you to manage your diabetes effectively.

Voluntary donations, both time and money, enable our work to continue. The researchers we fund work tirelessly to improve our knowledge of diabetes, how to treat and manage it and how we might possibly work towards a cure. Alarmingly diabetes continues to grow in pandemic proportions around the world and with more than 3.8 million people diagnosed in the UK, our work is increasingly important.

It is sometimes hard to understand how making a donation today, or getting involved in a fundraising event can make a difference in the future, but it is this combined effort that drives change forward.

We are investing in a brighter future for people with diabetes, and you help us to do that!


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